Committed to Protecting the Rights of Our Clients

Scott Soutullo, P.C. is dedicated to zealously protecting the rights of clients who have been seriously injured in an accident through no fault of their own. Every day, Scott meets with people who are facing real problems, and he is able to meet their needs by offering real solutions. Scott Soutullo represents individuals — not corporations, trucking companies, or insurance companies.

After a devastating accident, it is critical that you and your family have an ally on your side, someone you can trust and depend on. The path to recovering damages after an accident can be a challenging one, and it is important to work closely with someone who can guide you through the process and navigate the many obstacles ahead towards an end goal of providing you and your loved ones with a promising future.

Aggressive Advocacy, No Matter the Injury

Scott Soutullo provides each of his clients with aggressive advocacy, because he truly understands the pain and devastation felt by families who have been affected by an accident. He knows that accidents and the resulting injuries are physically, financially, and emotionally draining, and he is committed to providing these families with high quality legal representation during what could well be the most difficult time in their lives.

Scott will begin your case by spending a great deal of time evaluating the accident and the facts available. When necessary, he will employ experts to help him investigate further and gather more evidence when appropriate and helpful in your case. He will work with you to determine what your ultimate goals are for your case, and will create a solid legal strategy designed to overcome each of the unique challenges that your case will face as time goes on.

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After you or a loved one have been injured, you simply cannot afford to work with an inexperienced attorney who may not be able to help you get the full and fair compensation you deserve for your suffering. Call Attorney Scott Soutullo today to discuss your legal needs, how you can move forward after an accident and recover the maximum amount of damages available in your case.

Contact us today for a consultation by dialing (251) 391-1212. Scott is available now to speak with you regarding your case and will help you formulate an effective strategy.