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Licensed in Alabama & Mississippi


 Mississippi College School of Law, Jackson, Mississippi, JD

-Research Assistant to Professor Jeffrey Jackson in his authorship of Mississippi Civil Procedure

University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, Alabama, BA – English

-Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society


 ALEXANDER SHUNNARAH GULF COAST, LLP – Gulf Coast, United States of America

Of Counsel

We focus our practice on representing injury victims and their families and welcome the opportunity to serve you.  Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast, LLP is an interstate law firm with offices in three (3) states: Alabama, Mississippi and Florida



Represent plaintiffs in claims and litigation in areas of law such as personal injury, mass tort, products liability, workers’ compensation and premises liability


Attorney – Civil Litigation Department

Represented plaintiffs in claims and litigation in areas of law such as personal injury, mass tort, products liability, workers’ compensation and premises liability

TRIMMIER LAW FIRM – Mobile, Alabama


Handled legal work for Alabama credit unions including, but not limited to real estate purchases, refinances, collections and defending bankruptcies

WILLIAM F. VICK, ESQ. – Jackson, Mississippi

Law Clerk

Drafted appellate briefs, which were reviewed by attorney William Vick and then filed before the Mississippi Supreme Court.  Also drafted other legal pleadings and conducted legal research

CARMODY, STEWART & MIXON – Jackson, Mississippi

Law Clerk

Drafted appellate briefs, which were reviewed by attorney Victor Carmody and then filed before the Mississippi Supreme Court


Contract Brief Writer

Assisted attorneys David Wirtes and Reggie Copeland in writing a civil appellate brief



Born to Paul W. Soutullo and Jo Ann Soutullo of Mobile, Alabama, Scott W. Soutullo’s childhood was fortunate to be born into a home of two committed and dedicated parents who believed in hard work when it was time to work, and recreation in the great outdoors when it was time to put work aside.  Scott and his father were heavily involved in the Boy Scouts and especially enjoyed camping all over the South.  When not involved in church or scouting activities, Scott and his father and mother were very frequently out on a boat at Dauphin Island as the local predators for red fish, flounder, speckled trout and whatever else might be biting.  As a teen, Scott became heavily involved in half pipe / vertical ramp skateboarding, and has remained a supporter of skateboarding throughout the years.

During high school, Scott held many jobs at local grocery stores, and also earned money carrying water coolers to and from the dugouts at a local softball complex.  His favorite job, however, was actually not a job per se, but rather, running a small business of his own.  With a little help from his father, Paul, sharpening and balancing lawnmower blades, engine maintenance and some extra muscle loading the trailer with lawn equipment, Scott learned from that small lawn care business that being in business for oneself is one of the most fulfilling ways to earn an income.  Scott graduated from Baker High School in 1989.

From very early on, it became apparent that Scott had a natural talent for writing, so it was not long before he decided to pursue a career as a lawyer in order to capitalize on his writing skill.  In fact, as a beginning freshman at The University of Alabama, Scott paid a personal visit to the law school and interviewed several law professors, asking their recommendations for the best college major to serve as preparation for law school.  Much to Scott’s delight, their response, across the board, was English.  “Why?” Scott asked, to which they all, in substance, replied that “one’s writing skill is the backbone of success in law school.”  Given this consensus, Scott selected English as his major course of study.  As an English major, Scott further developed his mastery of the use of the English language through writing.  After a few years of demonstrating his writing skill, Scott was inducted into membership in the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society.  Scott graduated from The University of Alabama in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in English

In 1994, Scott began law school at Mississippi College School of Law.  During law school, Scott was able to develop his writing further still, both in his law studies and as the Research Assistant to Professor Jeffrey Jackson’s authorship of Mississippi Civil Procedure.  During law school, Scott also worked for several law firms, primarily assisting them with their appellate brief writing.  Scott graduated from law school, earning his Juris Doctor in 1997.

After graduating from law school, Scott decided to move back to his hometown of Mobile, Alabama to begin his legal career.  Scott’s first law firm wanted him to take the Mississippi bar exam in addition to the Alabama bar exam, and so he did.  He passed both exams on the first attempt, and this served as the starting block for his legal career.

In his first year practicing law, Scott’s high school alma mater, Baker High School, invited him to come to the school and give a speech for Honor’s Day.  Scott’s speech was entitled “Choosing Your Destination” and was a call to “enjoy the process” and embrace the difficulties along the road to success as those very difficulties are precisely what shape and mold a young person on their journey to achievement and ultimate success.

From 1999 to 2004, Scott was an attorney with the multi-state law firm of Morris Bart, based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  During that time, Scott would handle between 115 and 150 traffic accident cases at any given time and it was during this time that Scott truly honed his expertise as a personal injury lawyer.  Scott fondly refers to those days as “personal injury boot camp” and with a law firm of over thirty lawyers; he had plenty of mentors available to ensure the quality of his work and the accuracy of his legal analyses at those critical moments when “two (or more) heads are better than one.”

In 2005, Scott founded his own law firm, Scott Soutullo Law Firm, PC, where he continued handling personal injury cases.

In 2014, after working on a limited basis with the law firm of Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast, LLP, the firm invited Scott to serve as of counsel to the firm to assist in serving the firm’s personal injury clients.  Scott is proud to serve the firm’s clients in this capacity, especially because of his appreciation for the true team approach embodied by the firm to achieve the singular goal of taking excellent care of each client, one by one, resulting in complete client satisfaction.

Scott has been practicing law for over 17 years and has spent most of those years representing people from all walks of life throughout the states of Alabama and Mississippi who were injured as a result of the negligence of others or the families of those who died as a result of same.  Scott has successfully resolved in excess of 2,500 personal injury cases, so to the extent that repetition leads to mastery, those statistics speak volumes.